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DarK FoX
30 May 2008 @ 21:12
V (4 May 2008)

Just let me talk to you once more,
I missed the voice of which I fell for,
The deep conversations we always had,
I guess it's gone, it's just too bad.

I wonder if the time had taken,
Or maybe I am just broken,
Not trying to be any doubtful,
Anyone can be forgetful.

I am simply being curious,
Then again this will be hilarious,
Or maybe I just misunderstood,
It is possible, that it could.

And now, myself I have confused,
You can call this self-abused,
To think with such great thoughts,
But all my actions tied in knots.

In the end who's to lose?
I am the one with the ticking fuse,
Everything for me has a time,
Skip a moment and it becomes a crime.

Should I really continue to try?
Or watch the clock as time flies by,
And question every moment of it,
Finding answers which does not fit.

Who am I to joke and kid,
From this very hole of which I hid,
I am not brave; not more, not after,
We are slipping apart, I figure.

Much apologies for the lack of posting. I will not be consistantly post until my book is completed. The book will be completed as soon as possible. PaperGorilla, my artist, finally gave me all the art. That's all the update on the book. Been quite busy.

Aside news, ever thought about memories? What's their purpose? A log to keep the past? A gentle reminder? A weapon of mass destruction? A pleasure for the soul? Whatever they are, we should not dismiss them. It helps build life. It is what which causes realisation. We simply do not change; we only realise.
DarK FoX
17 April 2008 @ 10:29
All we have is nothing,
All we want is something.

Dominos (17/04/2008)

Consequences: reactions from plastics,
Little rectangles placed side by side,
There is nothing catatrophic,
It is only a smooth ride.

Dominos toppling onto each other,
Building up during the chain,
Increasing as it goes further,
But what else is there to gain?

Dominos make up the whole set,
People make up the person,
Even though you don't know, I bet,
Consequently; the dominos will worsen.

Apologies for the slow updates. This is because of the completion of my book and my higher, higher education. The latter is not really an excuse but a fact that I am busy with it as well. Oh, I have done some mock ups of my books and here's a preview before putting a fullstop.

4 out of 5 copies of my book, a pen, a PDA phone and an iPod
DarK FoX
06 March 2008 @ 08:52
There were many prophecies,
Which I believe were fantasies,
But this is not a simple abstract,
The meeting of four is surely a fact.

The Past (05/03/2008)

I will try to tell you something in rhyme,
Something which has to do with time,
Which everyone seems to always forget,
And then they will start to regret.

The past is something which happened before,
Something which most try to ignore,
Which keeps on failing and do you know why?
It is inside both you and I.

All your memories will be here to stay,
Today will become yesterday,
And the whole process will be repeated,
Until your soul is defeated.

March is another month of random much like January and February.
Forget about the first mini poem of this entry for a second. I shall tell you a story of a book. There once was an author who had an idea and started to write a book. It took him a month to finish it and gave it to some to look. The process of correcting the contents had started to begin and it was coming out well. However his college is starting quite soon, so he has to rush to sell.

Honestly, the above paragraph was pretty random as well. But remember. The meeting of four. What is it? I don't even know myself.
DarK FoX
29 February 2008 @ 23:48
Does this even matter?
I doubt it gets better.

29/02/2008 (29/02/2008)

Ever taken a look at the shadows,
Or the repetitiveness of the windows,
Upon each and every one of those,
That is how my world goes.

Ever taken a look at the grass,
Upon the field you frequently pass,
Can you compare between the two,
Or do you not have a single clue.

Ever taken a look at the globe,
With your own time you should probe,
It is just another simple ball,
Which seems big even though it is small.

Ever taken a look at this rhyme,
And think that it is a crime,
Because it is ironic that I repeat,
Though there is no purpose to defeat.

It is just another day. That is all I have to say.
DarK FoX
17 February 2008 @ 00:08
This is just a show,
So that you would know.

Dark Change (15/02/2008)

I've grown bitter over the days,
A bit more darkness I must say,
I've changed back in some ways,
And yet I wish I will not stay.

I try to find things to laugh at,
I am getting worse at doing that,
Remind me of the bench I once sat,
Accompanied by a filthy rat.

I am losing interest from the heart,
Pieces once built now torn apart,
I am going back to the very start,
Popping bubbles with a dart.

I know I cannot answer one question,
But in my mind there is a notion,
About this present depression,
It is nothing but a commotion.

Yes, I am alive for those of you who still visits this place. Publicity is not really my thing at the moment which is good in the sense since the rate of me posting is decreasing for the time being. I am still working on my book. However, I am planning on a real post soon related to a certain incident which happened a few days ago.

This post is random and does not follow the current pattern of which I had been following in terms of posting.
DarK FoX
23 January 2008 @ 13:46
Is it that clear?
Cause I had to stare near.

The Front Cover

This picture is the front cover of my book. A picture's worth a thousand words. This is a thousand word poem.
DarK FoX
20 January 2008 @ 22:19
Rush (20/01/2007)

Ready before the run,
Understand before done,
Stance had begun,
Having a dash for one.

I said it was random posting but however I notice I only post on Sundays. That's really strange but I guess it's a habit. Once a week.
DarK FoX
13 January 2008 @ 22:21
Ran Doom (13/01/2007)

Ever had a sudden spark,
In the dark,
And suddenly it goes out,
Nowhere about.

Ever had a sudden block,
By a rock,
And suddenly it allows you,
To go through.

Ever had both at the same time,
Like this rhyme,
Totally make no meaning,
Though quite pleasing.

The sequence of the month is not there. I am now being random with my dates. I have things to do like publication. I am slightly busy. But I will post for sure.
DarK FoX
06 January 2008 @ 11:43
With a beating heart,
We can make this start.

A First (06/01/2008)

Add one to the year,
And write a simple haiku,
First one of the year.

Add one to the time,
And stay up all night writting,
Try not to waste time.

Add one to the day,
And little more time to think,
Think for the whole day.

Add one to the week,
And continue all your work,
Till the end of week.

Add one to moments,
And you would get another,
Don't forget moments.

It's the start of the new year. I took a five day break in posting. I have work now. Well, here is the first poem of the year.
DarK FoX
31 December 2007 @ 23:59
The Turning Point (31/12/2007)

Why do I watch the time go by,
With nothing but a silent sigh,
On the day before a new,
Where the moments are a few,
As they fly through the open sky.

As both hands upon a face meet,
Raise your glass with drinks of sweet,
Within the crowd I hear a cheer,
A mess of sounds which is not clear,
Giving out an awkward heat.

I can feel the bass in my heartbeat,
I can feel the vibrations beneath my seat,
The flashing lights from different spots,
Lasers forming colourful dots,
It all would have been quite neat.

Music streams through and I hear,
As each one dances with a dear,
At the stands with a glass in my hand,
The taste of my drink feeling bland,
As I welcome the new year.

Midnight comes within the range,
I guess it is time for me to change,
A resolution to be made,
And many things to be said,
Change starts now and old will fade.

Day 31

Sorry for the extremely late post but it was hard to find an internet connection. You see, I went to a New Year Party and I am staying in a hotel so it was hard. The party was cool. Loud music, fireworks, etc. But enough about that.

The poem is about New Years and the last day of my project. It is about change. It is about a full circle being completed after three hundred and sixty five days. You do notice that there is a hidden meaning/style related to the poem in the poem. The poem has a mixture of sadness and happiness both experienced by many people in the world. And change. For one, I cannot accept change. But I guess I am forced to once in a while. Things change. People change.

Today is the last day of the project I call "The Thirty-One Day of Poetry Blogging". I might take a rest after this and posting will reduce in speed since I have work. Also, I will try to publish a book on this. More news on that later. Hope you have enjoyed reading through this project and thank you supporting it. Have a Happy New Year.