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30 May 2008 @ 21:12
In and Out  
V (4 May 2008)

Just let me talk to you once more,
I missed the voice of which I fell for,
The deep conversations we always had,
I guess it's gone, it's just too bad.

I wonder if the time had taken,
Or maybe I am just broken,
Not trying to be any doubtful,
Anyone can be forgetful.

I am simply being curious,
Then again this will be hilarious,
Or maybe I just misunderstood,
It is possible, that it could.

And now, myself I have confused,
You can call this self-abused,
To think with such great thoughts,
But all my actions tied in knots.

In the end who's to lose?
I am the one with the ticking fuse,
Everything for me has a time,
Skip a moment and it becomes a crime.

Should I really continue to try?
Or watch the clock as time flies by,
And question every moment of it,
Finding answers which does not fit.

Who am I to joke and kid,
From this very hole of which I hid,
I am not brave; not more, not after,
We are slipping apart, I figure.

Much apologies for the lack of posting. I will not be consistantly post until my book is completed. The book will be completed as soon as possible. PaperGorilla, my artist, finally gave me all the art. That's all the update on the book. Been quite busy.

Aside news, ever thought about memories? What's their purpose? A log to keep the past? A gentle reminder? A weapon of mass destruction? A pleasure for the soul? Whatever they are, we should not dismiss them. It helps build life. It is what which causes realisation. We simply do not change; we only realise.
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Hey, saw you on the star... any way i can get your book? Zoe.

Reply back at tygerstream@gmail.com

Thanks! Nice work, by the way.